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Aug. 14th, 2011 11:56 pm
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Hey everyone! As you may have heard, the awesome and madly talented [ profile] neomeruru and I signed up together for the Inception Big Bang!

You can read our entry and summary here. ^_^

As you can imagine, I'm really nervous. I want to write something really cool. It's such a loooong time away! I'm about 15K words in already. (I started writing it the day Neomeruru said we could collaborate. :D ) It gives me time to edit after I've finished it, which is kind of a good thing.

I really really hope you guys like the idea and I very much hope that I can come up with something good enough for her art. I have to admit, some scenes I'm kind of writing with her in mind, thinking, "Will this be one that she chooses?" Haha, it's so exciting.

I should also say that I'm so sorry for not having updated this LJ in quite a long time. It's cool that I have a new job and all but it definitely cuts into fandom time somewhat. I guess in a way it's good that I've got some time to complete and clean up a story. ^_^ And I'm very sorry that I haven't answered any comments. Please know that it thrills me that people are still reading those stories. :)

Anyway, that's the news! I really hope you guys are all doing great.

(I halfway want to ask you all "is there anything you'd like to see in this story?" but I somehow don't think that's allowed. :D )
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