Jan. 13th, 2011

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Hello all!

So, I haven't written anything in a while, and that's because I've had a bit of messiness in RL going on (and kind of still do.) But I have been following prompts that I like and this morning I found myself thinking up a story that might fill a handful of them. I'm going to list out the prompts here and you can probably tell by now that they all point to something I like to write, in general. :)

1. (Arthur is) ambushed by a group of men who want something (your call) from the team, and they know, considering Arthur's place within the team dynamic, he is the correct one to threaten the others with (cause lets face it, he won't break, but they might break for him). Before they take Arthur I'd really like a BAMF scene that reminds all of us just why he is our favorite point man. ..
I'd love to see where you take it from there, but I cannot stress enough that I'd love to see Arthur really make these guys work to hold onto him, I dont want him to be pushed over easily.

Also, stealing an idea from Fae-Boleyn. ^_^

2. Arthur wakes up alone in a hospital / mental facility. He knows his name and what he does, but not how he got there. No clue. He doesn't know what day it is or what came before this.

He tries to keep from being afraid, but days stretch out, doctors won't tell him anything (what is wrong with him is up to you, you can WRECK him if you want) he has no way out, no phone, no contacts. All of his escape attempts go awry or end up with him sedated or strapped to a bed.

After a few weeks or months whatever, Eames finds him and frees him.

Massive h/c please, what the eventual reason ends up being is up to anon.

Eames always uses pet names to gall Arthur and annoy him at work.

When Arthur is seriously sick or seriously hurt or in trouble, and Arthur is less a point man and more just a man (in need,) the pet names turn sincere. Eames really does think he's a darling, he does like to pet him, he does think he's got a sweet heart at the bottom of it all.

This one is claim-ish. Kinda semi-fill. I can't do schmoop but I do kind of think this idea is cute. :)

4. Pairing preferred but not necessary.

I'd like some interesting, intense h/c more with a focus on medical concern.

Somnicin or some other compound starts causing Arthur to have fainting spells, tremors, and focal seizures. I'd like some genuine concern involved too.

Thanks nonnies.

Tentative claim if I can work it in.

5. There’s a new hazard in the dreamshare business. If you can extract and/or place information in a person’s mind, then who says you can’t place something else there instead? In this case, a “virus” of the mind, created as a safeguard for a mark against extraction. When the safe (or other safe place) in the mark’s dream is opened to complete the extraction, the “virus” is released instead and infects all who are sharing the dreamscape. ...
after the inception job, Arthur is working with a separate team who runs afoul of it. Eames and the rest of the inception cast are desperate to find a way to heal Arthur.

You can see how 4 and 5 kind of fit together? :)

6. I just want something where Arthur is trembling so badly for whatever reason, Eames has to hold him. For whatever reason, sick, terrified*, hypothermia, side-effect of a compound, post coital come-down, anything. Just as long as it is wracking full body tremors and Eames is there.

*Don't make him a wimp though please. I'd like to see him tough it out anyway. I think it would take a lot to really scare our favorite point man.

Tentative claim, sorta fitting in with 4 an 5?

I just want something where Arthur ends up lost or hurt or something, or waking in the hospital and he realizes how utterly alone he is. Cobb has his kids, Ariadne is in Paris studying, no one really keeps track of where Arthur goes or what he does because he's so private so they couldn't find him even if they tried. Arthur realizes that he really doesn't have a "team" or a family and when he really needs someone, no one is there. He's been self-reliant for so long that he now has no one to help him if he needs them.

Cue Eames showing up of course. Because Eames keeps tabs like Arthur does.

If anon can write some magical hair-stroking into such a fic it would be beautiful (total fetish for Arthur's hair).

So you see how this story is already half-way written by a bunch of prompters? ^_^

And yes, gosh, I really do love to h/c Arthur, him being a badass in trouble is my biggest kink, as you guys know. If I start to repeat myself or get boring, please call me out on it.

I am also open to running suggestions of things you would like to see in here. I can't promise to hit everyone's buttons or take all requests, but I will do my best to consider them. :D I like working with requests and challenges, when possible.

I am also open to writing fics or ficlets for QLD Flood Auction. If anyone is interested in doing that, I can either try to put your request/suggestion into this longer fic, or do a drabble. :)

I also probably won't be able to update every day or other day the way I did in the past, due to the fact that I have a huge state boards test coming up next week and studying is eating up some of my time.

But please have faith in me that I have never left a WIP unfinsihed, and I won't now, either. ^_^


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