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Welcome to my no-frills account solely for fandom-flailing.

I decided to put up a kind of master post for all the writing I've got on here. I had no idea that this was going to get away from me the way it did. This Inception fic-writing thing is utterly out of hand with me. :D

I'm going to skip the four anonymous fics that I did and just go with the ones I took credit for. ;D

H/C is my most chronic kink, and once in a while it turns to hard h/c. Most of this is Arthur/Eames because, well, I like them together; I thought they were fun. Some of the fics here are a little violent, and/or dark and phobic: be warned.

What you won't find here:

AU: It's just not for me.

Underage: Sexualization of kids is my biggest squick.

Hardcore smut: Sorry, I don't have the balls to post it; I keep it light. :D

Non-con: Trigger.

RPF: Another big squick of mine. There's a huge line between real people and fake people. I don't cross it. I don't even straddle it. (LOL straddle.)

Here's what you will find:

First was Come Back With Me. Post-Inception, Saito hires the team to extract the location of a group of kidnapped women. Arthur gets a little too close to the mark. I don't really know where this fits in any timeline. 8K words

Then came A Soul Awake, which is massive, at 57K or something. This fic became massively h/c, having been based on many different prompts including voice-kink and temporary blindness. Pre-movie: With mega-corp SomniCore attempting to regulate the world of dreaming, the Cobbs, still under the corporation's yoke, seek the help of a rogue, freelance forger to shake things up. Eames is the best there is; they know because their point man, Arthur, has tracked him for years. The point man and the forger put aside their years of quiet rivalry to work for a common cause: free the world of dreaming from the fist of the corporation, and protect the Cobbs. 57K words.

After that came Something Like, a post-movie NC-17 Arthur/Eames. Angst, angst, angst, smut, misunderstanding, smut, misunderstanding, smut, understanding, road trip. Warning: Graphic descriptions of Mal's death. 10,500 words

Next, Dig, Lazarus, Dig. This was to fill a prompt that had Eames rescue Arthur from being buried alive. I probably don't have to warn you that this idea is not for everyone. Please tread carefully if you are claustrophobic or entomophobic (bugs.) Massive h/c, obviously. 5,400

Then came Life During Wartime. Threatened by someone whose job offer they turned down on principle, Arthur and Eames travel up the Eastern seaboard, in stolen cars, in trains, and various hotels, to find out who is tracking them, and break some deserving teeth. 45K

Then, Red Oni, Blue Oni: We dream because we have to. Arthur can't dream like a normal person anymore, and the Id starts to surface while he's awake. He goes for help, to shake the "lucid" out of his dreams.
Author's Note: For a prompt in which Arthur and Eames go under together, not lucid dreaming, and have dark subconscious times together. Quite dark indeed. A little tweaking and I used it to mini-fill hysterical Arthur under sedation prompt as well.

And just when I thought I was done, Keep Calm And Carry On came along and sucked me back in. 5,700

A bit of surreal fun based on over 9000 prompts, is Glitch. 56,600

What, seriously? A haunted house fic? My Blue Heaven. NC17 lite or hard R. 11,700

And finally, Plenty Of Good Thieves, which, basically, you guys are helped me write. ^_^ OVER 100,000 WORDS, PEOPLE.

Plus about 50K in anonfills.

THAT COMES TO ROUGHLY 280,300 WORDS. Since, what, September I think, or August? WTF, really. ^_^;;


Thank you for reading, and thank you all for the comments. They really do mean the world to me. ♥ ^_^
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