Mar. 7th, 2011

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First I want to say, I see now that I've missed some comments on old posts, even posts in these recent chapters. I'm so sorry about that! Sometimes I don't get all my notifications. I like answering all of these comments and prompts, it bums me out when I've missed some and then it always seems weird of me to answer a week later or so. :) I hope hope everyone understands that. :D

Second: This chapter feels more like an interlude to me. Two parts were necessary to the plot. The entire last section of it though? Total author wish fulfillment. I feel like I just needed to write that, and wish that it was really possible. ^_^ Hope you guys like it though. :)

Now to suggestions. You meanies overwhelmingly suggested something terrible happening to Eames. YAY! :D That will be coming along, down the road.

LOTS of suggestions! )


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Chapter 4 - Poison In Your Mind )

/Wish fulfillment :D

Sweet, a lot of you guys googled Dinclusin. YES! ^_^ Well played! Has anyone googled Ann Dromalius? :D

Okay, so now give me more ideas, because I'm really stuck! This plot is constipated, someone give it some fiber, hehe. ^_^ While I obviously can't use everything everyone suggests without making the plot a tangled mess, once in a while a suggestion comes along that's like BAM, and it fits perfectly.

Images, scenes, lines, general ideas – these are all awesome! Thanks, guys. ^_^

Chapter 5 - There Is A King


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