Mar. 10th, 2011

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Suggestions are building up! There are still a ton that I love and just have not been able to fit in yet. But I will!

A few people want some more action and I'm really going to try to get to that soon. :D With some of the suggestions, it's been a little hard to fit everything in all at once; I feel like this is a pretty long fic. ^_^ The other thing I'm noticing is that, as the train they're on is on the rails, in a way the story is on the rails, too. It really limits how much action can happen. So what I need to do (with you guys's help,) is figure out how I can include a lot more realistic action that makes a certain amount of sense on a train. In the real world, if violence happened on a tour, the tour would stop and everyone would be arrested. And Arthur and Eames would simply GTFO. So I need two things: Something to take place either off the train or in secret ON the train (where the authorities won't know about it,) and a reason for both of them not to just say "eff this" and run.

This chapter coming up includes some repercussions to what they did to each other in that last chapter, which surprised even me. It also includes a lot of the requests for certain scenes and lines between the two of them, which was actually a lot of fun for me to write. :D

So here are some suggestions / requests. The repeated ones are ones I haven't gotten to yet, but I mean to. I managed to get a few in this chapter, however. :D

New suggestions! )

Here are a few of the older suggestions that I am going to eventually get in there if I can! I haven't forgotten. :D I will get to these! )

Right, thanks for your patience, guys, and thanks for all the awesome ideas! Off we go!

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Chapter Five - There Is A King )


Chapter 6 ...That Will Steal Your Soul...


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