Mar. 21st, 2011

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WHEW, this chapter was hard! I'm trying to incorporate all of the ideas that I got, and I wanted to streamline it as best I could. I hope it worked out. Just to remind you, this is what you all suggested for the plot/motivations:

What's going on! This is long, okay. :)  )

So, let's see how this works out in actual plot. I tried to get all of those ideas in. Granted, some of them are just concurring with others, which is great; it makes it easier for me! ^_^ I love that so many of you agree on the basic "who did what to whom" ideas.

The rest, I really tried to fit in there and I can only hope that I haven't turned it into a clustermug. I hope it actually fits, is what I'm saying. Please let me know!

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Older suggestions that I WILL STILL GET TO. )

Right, so there we have this updates suggestions! I really hope I managed to get everyone's thoughts in here. And I hope I've made it into something coherent. Please let me know. :)

Off we go!

...Don't Let Him Get Control... )

Did that all work out? Can anything further be added?

Okay, so I think I know what comes next. Arthur and Eames have to spend some time together and I'm pretty certain of how that's going to play out. I think it's going to go exactly as Jack wants it to.

Now, I've got to get: Arthur outside of the train in the Siberian wasteland with his hat on, and Eames in the clutches of the bad guys again - likely Ann, and the two brothers, because Jack's probably not wanting to hurt him, right?

More suggestions, you guys? I am still open to taking them, even though the plot is leaving less wiggle-room now. :D

If you've made suggestions and I haven't used any of yours, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'll keep trying!

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