Mar. 24th, 2011

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These are older suggestions, some of them even from the beginning! But eventually I will get to them. )

Here are some new suggestions. )

This chapter is a little shorter than the last. I debated putting in another part and posting it later, but that would be kinda mean (although, this one sort of is too,) and the chapter just naturally ended here. :)

Here we are!

** ** ** **
9 - Might Rain Fire... )

Whew, that was pretty rough. I don't know what's going on here.

Okay, so now that I have an idea of how to get Arthur off the train and a way to use some of those suggestions up there, my main question to you guys is, what would you like to see happen between them? Most of you voted for "FIX THEM" so I will go by popular vote. I've gotten one really solid suggestion as to how that can begin.

Anything else you've got in mind?

Oh, here's another interesting question for you. Which two body parts would you like to see come in contact? LOL if you try to make it filthy, I will probably try to find a way to make it funny instead. If you give me something random, I might try to make it dirty. Heh. I have no idea. With something like this, I've got to take only one, maybe two suggestions or it will become ridiculous. :D So, Arthur's --- to Eames's ---? Or vise versa? Throw me some body parts, people. ^_^

Okay, that was a weird question.

Sorry this update was so brief and angsty. I actually felt very sad when I was writing about the chocolates. But then I have issues.

What do you guys think? Should I throw Arthur out into the blizzard and get Eames locked up and tortured or what?

Again I want to thank you all, so much! ^_^

10 - The Virtuous Among Us


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