Mar. 29th, 2011

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Okay, I'm back! Once again, sorry for the delay. Sometimes it take a while to organize these chapters/suggestions, and honestly, sometimes I'm just away from the computer for a few days. :D Sorry about that, but you know I will always be consistent with updates and I hope I won't keep you all waiting too long! ^_^

These are older suggestions, some of them even from the beginning! But eventually I will get to them. )

When I asked how I could possibly resolve this thing that's happening between them, [ profile] we_reflamingos suggested,
I wonder if, for some reason, Arthur & Eames were deep enough together again, Eames might recognise a certain ray gun or a bottle of healing. Or perhaps in Eames hospital (where all the important stuff is) - Arthur only went to the the top floor ... but I'm sure that glass elevator could stop at other floors. Oh, and what goes up, usually also goes down.

[ profile] sparrow_hubris said I want this but with Eames instead of Laura.
OMFG you don't even realize! ^_^ My fetish for Arthur's hair!

[ profile] twilightthief agrees, Agreed on the hair playing/smoothing! ME TOO BB.

Here are some new suggestions. )

Awesome. You guys have given me terrific ideas to work with. :D

Remember I asked for body parts suggestions? Some of them were pretty cool! I can only use a few of them or I'd have to write in a game of twister or get them locked in a cliché closet or something. ;D So I grabbed the first bunch that came along.
I'll do my best to get on those. In the meantime, here we go!

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The Virtuous Among Us )


Who helps Eames with the initial escape? Ann, or Michelle? Or do you want him to just, like, start ripping down the walls like a madman and go on a rampage (with Michelle somehow in his wake?) I'm toying with the idea of having Ann be like, "Holy crap, is Arthur really freezing out there? Eames you need to go save him" or of Michelle somehow helping him get free.


I only know where Eames is going to end up. Thanks to [ profile] neomeruru ^_^

Thanks guys, and I'm so sorry for the delay! :D AGAIN.

Chapter 11 - The Sky Above Us Shoots To Kill


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