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SO! I really, really, really meant to get Eames into his massively dangerous situation by the end of this chapter. I really had it all planned out. I still do; I am pretty sure of what's going to happen to him. But then this chapter just got longer and longer, and I had to make the choice of cutting out some suggestions and moving ahead with the action, or including the suggestions and letting Eames wait for it. :D I chose to go with including the suggestions, and also I wanted more snogging.

Then, I had to add in some reasons, some plot, and some possible info on who these people are.

So, suggestions, plot, reasons, and snogging won the day. I really hope you guys don't mind waiting for more! In the next chapter, I PROMISE, there will be more danger!

These are suggestions that are either brand new, or that made it into this chapter: )

Older suggestions that I WILL STILL GET TO. )

And so, here we go!

** ** ** **

...that will steal your soul... )

So please tell me if you like this direction. The thing about Eames's past (a lot of people suggested that he should have something in his past that Arthur didn't know about, which might cause this,) just popped into my head. Do you like that idea? If so, how do you want me to go with it? What was it he tried to do? What was the plan that failed? That's what I'd like to know. If I get conflicting suggestions, I'll have to take the one that makes the most sense for what's coming up.

When Eames gets into trouble in the next chapter, I'm thinking about having Michelle be with him. What do you guys think?

Also, suggest anything else!

Next chapter, I promise, DANGER. ^_^ And plot, too.


7 - Don't Let Him Catch You...
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I realize this is just for fandom but I just want to say:

Very easy to donate to Red Cross.

News from Japan.

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Suggestions are building up! There are still a ton that I love and just have not been able to fit in yet. But I will!

A few people want some more action and I'm really going to try to get to that soon. :D With some of the suggestions, it's been a little hard to fit everything in all at once; I feel like this is a pretty long fic. ^_^ The other thing I'm noticing is that, as the train they're on is on the rails, in a way the story is on the rails, too. It really limits how much action can happen. So what I need to do (with you guys's help,) is figure out how I can include a lot more realistic action that makes a certain amount of sense on a train. In the real world, if violence happened on a tour, the tour would stop and everyone would be arrested. And Arthur and Eames would simply GTFO. So I need two things: Something to take place either off the train or in secret ON the train (where the authorities won't know about it,) and a reason for both of them not to just say "eff this" and run.

This chapter coming up includes some repercussions to what they did to each other in that last chapter, which surprised even me. It also includes a lot of the requests for certain scenes and lines between the two of them, which was actually a lot of fun for me to write. :D

So here are some suggestions / requests. The repeated ones are ones I haven't gotten to yet, but I mean to. I managed to get a few in this chapter, however. :D

New suggestions! )

Here are a few of the older suggestions that I am going to eventually get in there if I can! I haven't forgotten. :D I will get to these! )

Right, thanks for your patience, guys, and thanks for all the awesome ideas! Off we go!

** ** ** **

Chapter Five - There Is A King )


Chapter 6 ...That Will Steal Your Soul...
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This is not an update, but it is something I want to share with you all in hopes that it gives you a big laugh, like it did to me.

It's called the mangler.

So you put a web page into it, and it chops up all of the phrases and links, even the comments, and rearranges them mathematically or something. Well, the results are consistently hilarious. For instance, I stuck the link for "My Blue Heaven" into it, and here are some of the lines it gave back to me. (Italicized comments are my own, by the way.)

Eames shrugs and casually chews on his thigh. )

Anyway! That was too funny not to share.

I'll have an update on Plenty Of Good Thieves either tomorrow or Friday you guys! ^_^ I'm working on it now. :D
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First I want to say, I see now that I've missed some comments on old posts, even posts in these recent chapters. I'm so sorry about that! Sometimes I don't get all my notifications. I like answering all of these comments and prompts, it bums me out when I've missed some and then it always seems weird of me to answer a week later or so. :) I hope hope everyone understands that. :D

Second: This chapter feels more like an interlude to me. Two parts were necessary to the plot. The entire last section of it though? Total author wish fulfillment. I feel like I just needed to write that, and wish that it was really possible. ^_^ Hope you guys like it though. :)

Now to suggestions. You meanies overwhelmingly suggested something terrible happening to Eames. YAY! :D That will be coming along, down the road.

LOTS of suggestions! )


** ** ** **

Chapter 4 - Poison In Your Mind )

/Wish fulfillment :D

Sweet, a lot of you guys googled Dinclusin. YES! ^_^ Well played! Has anyone googled Ann Dromalius? :D

Okay, so now give me more ideas, because I'm really stuck! This plot is constipated, someone give it some fiber, hehe. ^_^ While I obviously can't use everything everyone suggests without making the plot a tangled mess, once in a while a suggestion comes along that's like BAM, and it fits perfectly.

Images, scenes, lines, general ideas – these are all awesome! Thanks, guys. ^_^

Chapter 5 - There Is A King
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Okay, so here are some of the suggestions I got, including ones I wasn't able to use last time. I'll just post them until I'm able to include them, yeah? :D

General suggestions:

Well, most of you agreed with the stop in Kazan, and vanilla as a scent. Will try to get vanilla, as well as some of the other scents (wood smoke, burning hair, brake pads, incense, all of which could really fit in here,) in later. :D

Here are a few from last time:
Many suggestion! )

Love these! Thanks so much, this is fun! ^_^ So here we go!

** ** ** **

Chapter Three – Dust In Your Garden )

Ugh, that last part was hard to write.

So I'm not sure if anyone out there is getting a clue about who these people are supposed to be. :D I'm actually not entirely sure myself if that's what I'm really meaning to say. I like the idea of supernatural stuff, but that at the end of the day, there's an unexpected reason for it.

What do you guys think? I feel like something needs to happen to Eames, because as I've said before, I tend to use Arthur as my whipping boy just to watch him bounce back and kick double the ass in half the time. The pattern I seem to have always written is that something bad happens to Arthur but then something dangerous happens to Eames and Arthur has to overcome whatever's going on with him and rescue his partner. What do you guys think if I switch that scenario up?

What would you like to see happen?

Also, give me a scene, a visual with either or both of them that I can attempt to write.

I've got a line for Arthur to say to Eames (haven't gotten to that yet but I will try to,) how about a line for Eames to say to Arthur? Anything you'd like to hear, and I'll give it my best shot.

There are still some suggestions I haven't gotten to yet, but I'm still going to get them in there somehow. ^_^


4: Poison In Your Mind
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Hi everyone.

Just letting you know, I fixed the broken link. :) Finally! Cleaned it up a bit too.

Will try to get to everyone's comments tomorrow after that predictable but necessary hospital visit. Thank you so much for your patience, guys! ♥ Love you guys!

P.S. Did everyone see those pics from the set of Looper? MMMm SHE-BOP. ^_^;;
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Some quick notes! Real life handed me a plate of steaming hot doodoo this week, with best friend in the hospital, boyfriend's dad in the hospital, and family member in the hospital very ill. I'm very sorry for the wait. However, fandom and writing are two things that relax me and get my mind off things. So even if it takes me longer than usual, I will be here, writing and updating.

That said, updates on this one will probably take longer than they have in the past. This is mainly because it takes me a while to tally up some of the suggestions and write them in. :D I do most of my writing in my head while I'm bored at work, then come home and type them up. With suggestions to work in, it could take a while. ^_^

(Oh! And I know, I've got to repost Something Like, I will try to remember to do that. So sorry!)

So here's how we ended up:
The train:
Trans Siberian – 7 votes
Italy – 5 votes

Trans Siberian it is!

A few people were for a spooky face outside the window, even a bloody face. Creepy! One vote for Arthur to have a nightmare, two votes for Eames.

Here are some suggestions that I received. If they haven't gone into this chapter, I'm still going to try to get them into a later chapter. :D Sometimes I might have to stretch it out a bit. I'm going to try to get a little something for everyone. These suggestions are really cool!

[ profile] twilightthief - Maybe one of the train operators/workers like opening their pocket watch?

[ profile] gelbwax AND [ profile] mydeerfriend - I would like to see AND hear a golden eagle, because those things are badass and scary. (Question: Sorry if this sounds dumb, but are we talking about a golden eagle bird of prey, golden eagle touring train, which they are actually on, or a golden eagle shotgun? ^_^ )

[ profile] astheytick - Arthur says to Eames "Just wait. Wait for me."

[ profile] mydeerfriend AND Ectotherm!Arthur being warmed up by Eames

[ profile] orion_nightbane - people lurking outside their door would be interesting?

[ profile] towel_master I'd also maybe like to see sponge-Eames getting bored/impatient on the train and Arthur cheering him back up.

[ profile] twisted_ream there's this huge spider on eames' back and he can't get it off and arthur just laughs

[ profile] skyvehicle Arthur leaning over the top bunk to talk to Eames below.

[ profile] french_noodles blood spattered flowers

[ profile] efcia a broken mirror, possibly a small one. I can see the shattered glass, maybe even a small amount of blood on them?

[ profile] sweetsigh What I want Arthur to ask Eames: "Get me some of those kitties damn truffles before I shoot your foot"
Because I love chocolate.

** ** ** **

Chapter Two: There Is a Queen - Sixes, sevens and nines. )
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You Can Leave Your Hat On )

So what I'd like to know is this.

Someone give me:

A random sound you'd like to hear.

A phrase or request that Arthur says to Eames.

One image you'd like to see.

I'll pick one, or two, or whatever, of each. If I can't work these into the next chapter, I will get them in eventually! Remember that it's Inception 'verse, I can totally cheat and have it be a dream, haha. ^_^;;

Which train are they on?

The Silk Road,
Trans Siberian,
Architectural Feast [LOL!]

Or some other train?

Next up, they settle in, look around, and later, get some sleep on the train. Arthur already called the top bunk, sorry! But what happens? A nightmare? If so, whose? Some creepy face at the window? Someone lurking outside the door? I have a vague idea of something slightly resembling a plot, but it's hazy.

I'm sorry my first chapter is so short. Most of my first chapters are, because I never know where I'm going in the first chapter, or what the details are going to be. They always get longer as I go on. :D

So. INCEPT ME. ^_^

Chapter Two: Sixes, Sevens and Nines
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Hey guys!

Thanks for being patient with me. I had to finish up a few projects. I have one more little thing to finish up in a day or two and then I'm going to start a new one to put up here. :)

Meanwhile, I have been enjoying the hell out of [ profile] wandrinparakeet's ficmix. I can't believe the amazing songs on there. Not only that, but how well they fit! It really made me want to write even more. ^_^

So here's how I think I might do it. I have this idea for a story, but I don't know where it's going yet. It takes place on a train, mostly. (I DON'T KNOW WHERE IT WILL TAKE ME. BUT IT DOESN'T MATTER. ;D ) I think I want to write something scary, something in the horror genre because I had way too much fun with the haunted house fic. So I need to learn something about train tours and such.

Then I'll ask you guys at the end of each chapter, to choose something. Like, "this or that?" And whichever most people think is cooler by the time I start the next one, that's what I'll do!

And aside from that, I'll ask you guys things like, "Give me a line you want A to say to B" or, "name a scent" or "give me a visual". Things like that. This would be super cool because the ever-awesome [ profile] neomeruru wanted to do art. And we must know by now that I'd sell my kidney for art. :D So, I'll put up requests like that and you guys can incept me. I think we could all have fun like that!

So gimme a day or two to finish up this other little thing and then, if you guys are still interested, well, I will still be here writing. ^_^

Oops, almost forgot to add what I really meant to write. Like with anyone, I have a list of things that I can't, am unable to, or don't wish to write.

AU - I would suck at AU because I'm not into it. I really liked the Inception 'verse, so that's where I stay.

Underage - I shy away from that stuff a lot, it's a big squick for me.

Non-con - Can't write it, too literally triggery for me.

Hard NC17 - I love to write a good snog and naughty scene, but I fail utterly at the explicit stuff. Wish I didn't, but I do! ^_^

RPF - For me, there's an insurmountable chasm between fictional characters and the real people who play them. I stay firmly in fiction; even gossip makes me uncomfy. (I do always partake in fangirling though. ^_^ )

I think that's it? We'll see how it goes! :)

I think I might call this one "Plenty Of Good Thieves" I hope to have part one up either the 24th or the 25th.


Feb. 17th, 2011 11:50 pm
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Hi everyone! I disappeared for a day or two there. Sorry 'bout that. I expect to be gone for most of the weekend as well. I've missed a few comments; sorry about that too!

For some reason I can't put my finger on, My Blue Heaven drained me and I need a bit of a breather. So I'm going to re-set my head. If I'm not popping in answering PM's, comments and such, be assured that I'll be back pretty soon. :)

When I've got some spare time, hopefully next week, I'll put up some kind of post about the next thing I'd like to write and see how it goes from there. I have a few ideas. ^_^ Hope you guys will like them.

Love you guys all! ^_^ <3
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Arthur/Eames. Haunted house? Maybe. Sexytimes, anyway. Predictive text shenanigans, mood whiplash, creepy dolls. I clearly read way too much Stephen King and watched way too many horror films as a kid. This fic is a total rip-off of lots of those tropes. But hopefully it's a fun rip-off. :D

Wordcount: 11.5 K
Rating: R to NC17-LITE.
Warnings: Rats, maybe? A little dark?
** ** ** **
He's never felt so thoroughly chilled before, so weirdly afraid, so helplessly thrilled. )

My Blue Heaven

Creepy little song, eh? Rumored to be not about a couple and their child, but rather a threesome arrangement.


Feb. 14th, 2011 01:34 am
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Before I post the next thing I'm almost done with, I really have to point this out.

[ profile] wandrinparakeet (love that user name, BTW,) has made an incredibly badass fanmix for these fics. I just downloaded the whole thing now which I will listen to tomorrow. I hate when I find something awesome right before going to bed! I can already tell I'm going to love this!

It's so amazing, to know that there are songs that remind someone of something I've written. That's because writing these fics has been such a blast for me, such a roaring good time, and such a relief from the occasional craziness of RL - it necessarily means a lot to me that someone else has gotten enjoyment out of them, too. I know I say that a lot, but I mean it a lot.

I can never listen to music while I'm writing; it needs to be dead quiet. But, I do think a lot about writing certain scenes when songs come on. "Life During Wartime" got written because of the song "Life During Wartime." :D Etc.

So I absolutely know that when I listen to these songs on this list, it's going to incept me with something else. I can already tell.


I'm nearly done with the one-shot I was talking about, when was it, yesterday? Or two days ago or something? I'm going to finish it up probably after work tomorrow. Hopefully I can post it tomorrow night.

NEGL, it's really weird right now. I started it out sort of light-hearted and 'Haha, isn't that so goofy?' And then it just got darker, and darker, and darker until practically Trent Reznor was walking around in it. I don't know. I might change it up?

It's also kind of supernatural, kind of Arthur/poltergeist or Arthur/house (not the doctor, but an actual house) or maybe Arthur/past life, oh man, I have no clue. I honestly don't know wtf I am writing.

But there's Eames, and bonking, so that's kind of fun.

Anyway. There ya go! It's late. ^_^


Feb. 12th, 2011 02:07 pm
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Well, crap. I was thinking of different ways to set up this request / prompty fic I was going to do, but today at work (it got boring,) I thought of a one-shot I want to write first.

I kinda incepted myself with the idea of Arthur and Eames having to spend a night in a haunted house. Like, sexytimes would get interrupted by ghosts and such. IDEK.

After I finish that one (though I haven't actually begun it yet,) then I'd like to do a kind of experiment where I have the premise of a fic*, but I'd ask you all, in a post after every chapter, to challenge me with some weird, cooked out, freaky or funny or random detail you'd like to see added into it. That'd be a real challenge, right? I wonder if I could do it.

What do you think? Could that maybe happen? After the stupid haunted house one I have in my head?

*Something to do with a long train ride, and something to do with dreamshare and scary voodoo stuff. Like I don't know, they have to extract from someone who tries to make zombies or something. IDEK. That sounds crazy even for me.
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I'd love to tell you that next time, we can jump off a bridge or blow up a building together. But sometimes I can't help but wonder if our luck won't eventually run out. As with any game, skill can only get you so far. Chance has a hand in everything. )

Thank you, all of you, for everything. ^_^

I had such an awesome time writing this, and it pleases me to no end that you guys also liked it. I love reading and answering you guys's comments, I really love your insights. You lot actually gave me tons of ideas between chapters, whether you realize it or not. I sometimes toy with just putting up a post asking a bunch of you to challenge me to a fic. :D That might be fun but I don't know if anyone else would be into that.

So, I never had any idea where this fic was going from one chapter to another. That's what I like about writing WIPs; I never plan what comes next. But I will say this: the only thing I did know about was the epilogue. That, I knew since chapter 2. Everything else was a surprise to me, and I really really hope you guys are satisfied with the end.

And just, as always, thank you all so, so much. ^_^


(P.S. My stupid spellcheck stopped working. I apologize for errors. :/ )

Glitch - 8

Jan. 31st, 2011 12:40 am
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OK, so everything but the very first section of this was written under the influence of like two glasses of wine. Call this an experiment in writing, I've never written while tipsy before. I actually sort of wanted to see what would come out, if I could get "unhinged" enough to write Arthur for this part. Please feel free to correct this, as I edited it also under the influence. I will absolutely make corrections later and I am very fearful that I'm going to read this tomorrow after work and facepalm because I just don't even know what this is. There should be a law against WWI. (Writing While Intoxicated. Not World War One. Well, that too.)

Also, I very much apologize about the wait. I was out of town a little longer than I expected to be.

And no, I really don't know what they're going to do next. O_O

Warning: For implied torture and phobic stuff.

** ** ** **

You keep telling me what I'm in a position to do. I'm gonna shut your trap, motherfucker. You're gonna dance for me. Wait. )

** ** ** **


I do love you guys, you might not even know how much you all mean to me. :D I'm always so happy to find out that people are enjoying this. This could very well be a kind of "I love you man" post and I realize I sound like a total dumbass right now but I do mean it. You guys are really the greatest. ^_^
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I can't believe it! [ profile] neomeruru has once again done an incredible work of art. This one is based on Glitch.

You can see it here. Definitely look at the bigger view because it's amazing. I can't get over the dark colors and glowing lines. This looks like the cover of a legit sci-fi book; it's so awesome! I must have stared at it for fifteen minutes and I keep going back to look. So great! ^_^

Oh, I also wanted to add, in case anyone missed it, I'll be away for a day or so, but I hope to have part 8 up by Sunday.

So yeah. WOW, am I right? I only wish I had that kind of talent!

Glitch - 7

Jan. 27th, 2011 04:30 pm
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I completely neglected to add this when I posted, but I do hope all of you will see this. I'll be away for part of tomorrow and out of town for most of Saturday. Earliest I can get the next part up will probably be Sunday. I'm very sorry for the wait! But I will be writing the next parts in any free time. ^_^

When remote dreamsharing is finally perfected, the use of the PASIV device will be unnecessary and outdated. Dreamwalkers will have to find new ways to militarize or otherwise protect their thoughts. People will be monitored, catalogued, terrorized. Far worse than any mind-crime you've ever been party to. )

I decided I needed some Cobb POV in here. :D

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