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2020-10-17 05:49 pm


Welcome to my no-frills account solely for fandom-flailing.

I decided to put up a kind of master post for all the writing I've got on here. I had no idea that this was going to get away from me the way it did. This Inception fic-writing thing is utterly out of hand with me. :D

I'm going to skip the four anonymous fics that I did and just go with the ones I took credit for. ;D

H/C is my most chronic kink, and once in a while it turns to hard h/c. Most of this is Arthur/Eames because, well, I like them together; I thought they were fun. Some of the fics here are a little violent, and/or dark and phobic: be warned.

What you won't find here:

AU: It's just not for me.

Underage: Sexualization of kids is my biggest squick.

Hardcore smut: Sorry, I don't have the balls to post it; I keep it light. :D

Non-con: Trigger.

RPF: Another big squick of mine. There's a huge line between real people and fake people. I don't cross it. I don't even straddle it. (LOL straddle.)

Here's what you will find:

First was Come Back With Me. Post-Inception, Saito hires the team to extract the location of a group of kidnapped women. Arthur gets a little too close to the mark. I don't really know where this fits in any timeline. 8K words

Then came A Soul Awake, which is massive, at 57K or something. This fic became massively h/c, having been based on many different prompts including voice-kink and temporary blindness. Pre-movie: With mega-corp SomniCore attempting to regulate the world of dreaming, the Cobbs, still under the corporation's yoke, seek the help of a rogue, freelance forger to shake things up. Eames is the best there is; they know because their point man, Arthur, has tracked him for years. The point man and the forger put aside their years of quiet rivalry to work for a common cause: free the world of dreaming from the fist of the corporation, and protect the Cobbs. 57K words.

After that came Something Like, a post-movie NC-17 Arthur/Eames. Angst, angst, angst, smut, misunderstanding, smut, misunderstanding, smut, understanding, road trip. Warning: Graphic descriptions of Mal's death. 10,500 words

Next, Dig, Lazarus, Dig. This was to fill a prompt that had Eames rescue Arthur from being buried alive. I probably don't have to warn you that this idea is not for everyone. Please tread carefully if you are claustrophobic or entomophobic (bugs.) Massive h/c, obviously. 5,400

Then came Life During Wartime. Threatened by someone whose job offer they turned down on principle, Arthur and Eames travel up the Eastern seaboard, in stolen cars, in trains, and various hotels, to find out who is tracking them, and break some deserving teeth. 45K

Then, Red Oni, Blue Oni: We dream because we have to. Arthur can't dream like a normal person anymore, and the Id starts to surface while he's awake. He goes for help, to shake the "lucid" out of his dreams.
Author's Note: For a prompt in which Arthur and Eames go under together, not lucid dreaming, and have dark subconscious times together. Quite dark indeed. A little tweaking and I used it to mini-fill hysterical Arthur under sedation prompt as well.

And just when I thought I was done, Keep Calm And Carry On came along and sucked me back in. 5,700

A bit of surreal fun based on over 9000 prompts, is Glitch. 56,600

What, seriously? A haunted house fic? My Blue Heaven. NC17 lite or hard R. 11,700

And finally, Plenty Of Good Thieves, which, basically, you guys are helped me write. ^_^ OVER 100,000 WORDS, PEOPLE.

Plus about 50K in anonfills.

THAT COMES TO ROUGHLY 280,300 WORDS. Since, what, September I think, or August? WTF, really. ^_^;;


Thank you for reading, and thank you all for the comments. They really do mean the world to me. ♥ ^_^
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2011-12-19 10:19 pm

Happy holidays and BB nerves!

Hey everyone! I just want to pop on in here and tell you all I hope you're having a great holiday season, if that's your thing.

And, wow, I am so nervous about the Big Bang. I'm really sweating this one; there is so much pressure and I'm not totally happy with the fic. Is it too long? Too short? Does not enough stuff happen? Does too much stuff happen? Is it too much like everything else I've written? Or too much of a departure? So far it's kind of messy. I think I do work better when I have to get things out there quickly. Maybe I'm overthinking this one.

Anyway. NERVOUS. Palms-sweating kind of nervous.

Yeah so happy holidays! ^_^;;
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2011-10-09 05:27 pm

Pleurant - 1/2

Hello everyone! Here's a fic I've written that doesn't fit anywhere in the timeline of my previous ones. It is still set in Inception 'verse, but not in the specific one I've done. Based on this prompt. It's a Halloween fic! ^_^ Basically, Arthur fakes his death and goes deep underground. Eames, unknowing, mourns him and brings flowers to his grave. Arthur hears word of this unknown figure "haunting" his grave and goes to investigate.

Word count: 14K

Rating: Hard R to NC17-lite. Very light, I think. :D

Warnings: Graphic descriptions of violence. Mentions of imagined torture. Images of death and corpses. Mentions of prostitution. Murder.

Apology: I am very, very sorry it took me this long to post this. I did most of it in about 4 days, then let the ending sit for the rest of the week. So sorry to keep OP waiting! Hope you like this. And I hope the rest of you will enjoy it, too. :D

** ** ** **

Pleurant - 1/2 )

Pleurant, 2/2.
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2011-08-14 11:56 pm

Big Bang!

Hey everyone! As you may have heard, the awesome and madly talented [ profile] neomeruru and I signed up together for the Inception Big Bang!

You can read our entry and summary here. ^_^

As you can imagine, I'm really nervous. I want to write something really cool. It's such a loooong time away! I'm about 15K words in already. (I started writing it the day Neomeruru said we could collaborate. :D ) It gives me time to edit after I've finished it, which is kind of a good thing.

I really really hope you guys like the idea and I very much hope that I can come up with something good enough for her art. I have to admit, some scenes I'm kind of writing with her in mind, thinking, "Will this be one that she chooses?" Haha, it's so exciting.

I should also say that I'm so sorry for not having updated this LJ in quite a long time. It's cool that I have a new job and all but it definitely cuts into fandom time somewhat. I guess in a way it's good that I've got some time to complete and clean up a story. ^_^ And I'm very sorry that I haven't answered any comments. Please know that it thrills me that people are still reading those stories. :)

Anyway, that's the news! I really hope you guys are all doing great.

(I halfway want to ask you all "is there anything you'd like to see in this story?" but I somehow don't think that's allowed. :D )
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2011-06-11 12:07 am

Saying hello!

Hey everyone out here in LJ land! I don't have fic to post, I'm very sorry! It's not that I haven't been thinking of things to write about, it's just, I've taken a break. I got this new job and all, which I really enjoy, and spare time has either been spent helping family members*, or trying to work on the original book I've had on and off variously placed burners for a few years. I got a few nibbles on the agent front but so far, no hothothot agent love. ^_^

But I'm pretty sure I might write something more with these stories, at some point.

Well, I just wanted to post to tell you all hello, and I hope you guys are all doing well and having a great springtime, or autumn, wherever you may be. :)

*And I want to thank you all for your support when the first part of the family troubles started back in April. The family member who was in the hospital back then is still in, but finally getting a little better. A few weeks ago, another cousin was in a car accident and then yet another cousin had a serious illness and a personal tragedy. I've been minding everyone's children and let me tell you, that is not so easy. :) Anyway you guys were so lovely when this all began and I was feeling blue, and overwhelmed, and I still wish I could hug you all. ^_^
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2011-04-24 11:21 pm

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 16/16

The final, oldest suggestion! )

And let's not forget:

Last TOUCHY FEELY, too. )

Here we are at the epilogue! I am both happy and sad that I finished this fic. ^_^

16/16 - My Blue Heaven )

Thank you all, so very much! ^_^ For the comments, all so wonderful. For the suggestions, the support during a difficult time, for the beautiful art, and really just for reading. Everyone, thank you. :D
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2011-04-24 03:51 pm


Update coming soon, I promise! I'm nearly finished with the end. I really apologize for the delay!

In the meantime, please have a look at this amazing piece of art by [ profile] enoughglitter. It's a companion piece to her one of Arthur in the blizzard. Well, in this one... You know what, I'll just let you take a look. It's beautiful! ^_^

Thank you so much, [ profile] enoughglitter! ^_^

Okay, update coming up soon! :D
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2011-04-19 11:28 pm

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 15

Okay, so it looks like there will actually be another chapter after this one. I just couldn't wrap it all up here. :D So, the next chapter will be the final one. There were still some new suggestions, I'm pleased to report! ^_^

New suggestions! )

Ye Olde Suggestions! )

And let's not forget:


Onto the story!

Chapter 15! )
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2011-04-15 01:22 pm

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 14

I think I've got one chapter after this. If it gets to be too long, then it'll be one chapter and an epilogue. I actually know exactly how I want to end this. ^_^

There are, believe it or not, still a handful of suggestions that I will, will, will fit into this before it's over. One of them is actually from the very first chapter! I couldn't find a place for it until the next chapter or even the epilogue, where it will go perfectly (that's the spider one.)

Again, I have to limit the suggestions I'm taking as the plot of the story is actually complete, and it's really just "what happens to them after this" that comes next. HOWEVER, if there's still something small that you really want to see, comment and I will do my best.

New suggestions! )

Ye Olde Suggestions! )

And let's not forget:


So obviously, I still need a chapter or two to tie these all in. ^_^

Anyway, STORY. :D

What If This Storm Ends )

15 - Ku'u Aloha
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2011-04-13 06:27 pm

Beautiful art :D

First came [ profile] neomeruru's picture prompt (I'm going nuts trying to find the link to that!)

Then, [ profile] sweetsigh did this lovely lovely one of Arthur and Eames outside the Church On the Blood.

Now, OMG, check this out: [ profile] enoughglitter made this intensely beautiful art of Arthur and the others out in the blizzard. )

My h/c loving heart practically sang! :D Look at how *exactly like Arthur* that looks, oh my gosh, right down to his perfect bottom lip, I can't even lie about that. ^_^;;

Art is such a wonderful gift. I don't have the talent for it but I wish I did.

You guys's art, and all of your wonderful comments, inspire me so much.


I hope to have another update pretty soon (will write lots more tonight, my night off! :D ) but in the meantime, please look at and enjoy this beautiful art!
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2011-04-11 02:52 pm

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 13

New suggestions! )

These are older suggestions, some of them even from the beginning! But eventually I will get to them. )

Awesome. You guys have given me terrific ideas to work with. :D

The body part suggestions, lol! Lemme see if I can still get some of these in here.


Thanks, guys! Onward. :)

Warmest Welcome, Violent Stranger )
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2011-04-07 02:08 pm

plenty Of Good Thieves - 12

Before anything else, I want to thank you all, so much, for the endless support and the kind comments you’ve given me. Also for your patience. "Sit-rep" as Eames will ask in this chapter? Real life, not so good, tbh. No need for details, just, not good. But you guys’s comments overwhelmed me with kindness! Your positive thoughts, and your offers just to listen - so sweet. How can everyone be this nice? :D

I want to direct everyone to this BEAUTIFUL PIECE OF GUEST ART FROM SWEETSIGH. How utterly lovely and adorable! I have been having the crappiest craptastic week ever, but this put a huge smile on my face. ^_^ Thank you so much!

Plus I would like to direct your attention to [ profile] neomeruru’s IMAGE PROMPT. I am in total agreement that whenever a story includes a train, some crazy bastard has to go on top of it. ^_^

Onto your suggestions. I skipped this part last update, but I will make up for that now.

These are your new suggestions from the last chapter I posted. )

Awesome. You guys have given me terrific ideas to work with. :D

I totally forgot about the body part suggestions, lol! Lemme see if I can still get some of these in here.

Sweet! Okay, moving onto the actual story, now. ^_^

My Love I Am The Speed Of Sound )
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2011-04-03 04:21 pm

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 11

First, please let me thank you all for the care and concern you all showed in my last post. I'm sorry I haven't had time yet to answer all of your kind words but they mean a lot to me, more than you know. And the fact that you're willing to wait a few extra days for a chapter really makes a difference. I had some time to at least comb through this before posting it. ^_^

I know I usually post all the suggestions up before each chapter, but as yet I haven't even had time to go look at them to see what I didn't do yet and what I did. :D I will absolutely come back to this post and edit it to include that section. Believe it or not, organizing those suggestions to post actually takes me longer than writing a few thousand words, sometimes. ^_^ But I will get to it, because it also reminds me what I have yet to do.

I do know that [ profile] wirrrn's really old suggestion about Baba Yaga made it into here, and [ profile] neomeruru's picture prompt, at least the beginning of it (more to come, on that.) The shattered mirror with blood, etc. A few old ones and some new ones. I swear I will edit this section when I have more time. :D But I thought it would be better to put up the next chapter instead of keeping you guys waiting any longer.

Oh, yes, real life does suck sometimes. Things aren't looking too hot at the moment, for one of my family members. Fandom is a good release. I love to write, in order to take my mind off my own worries and focus on fictional ones. :D

With that said, once again, THANK YOU ALL, for everything. And here's the next part. ^_^

The Sky Above Us Shoots To Kill )

Still open to suggestions!
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2011-04-02 08:33 pm

Please stand by ^_^

I am sorry for the lack of an update today. I meant to get it posted here. Unfortunately my aunt was involved in a serious accident this morning, and my cousin has taken very ill, on top of that. Add that to boyfriend's father doing poorly and... I know, it doesn't sound true to me either, it sounds like fiction, how can so many of these people be in the hospital?

I do appreciate your patience and all your kind thoughts. :) Barring any really bad news overnight or tomorrow, I've got nothing to do but wait, and I hope to have the next part up tomorrow.

Thank you!
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2011-03-29 12:06 am

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 10

Okay, I'm back! Once again, sorry for the delay. Sometimes it take a while to organize these chapters/suggestions, and honestly, sometimes I'm just away from the computer for a few days. :D Sorry about that, but you know I will always be consistent with updates and I hope I won't keep you all waiting too long! ^_^

These are older suggestions, some of them even from the beginning! But eventually I will get to them. )

When I asked how I could possibly resolve this thing that's happening between them, [ profile] we_reflamingos suggested,
I wonder if, for some reason, Arthur & Eames were deep enough together again, Eames might recognise a certain ray gun or a bottle of healing. Or perhaps in Eames hospital (where all the important stuff is) - Arthur only went to the the top floor ... but I'm sure that glass elevator could stop at other floors. Oh, and what goes up, usually also goes down.

[ profile] sparrow_hubris said I want this but with Eames instead of Laura.
OMFG you don't even realize! ^_^ My fetish for Arthur's hair!

[ profile] twilightthief agrees, Agreed on the hair playing/smoothing! ME TOO BB.

Here are some new suggestions. )

Awesome. You guys have given me terrific ideas to work with. :D

Remember I asked for body parts suggestions? Some of them were pretty cool! I can only use a few of them or I'd have to write in a game of twister or get them locked in a cliché closet or something. ;D So I grabbed the first bunch that came along.
I'll do my best to get on those. In the meantime, here we go!

** ** ** **
The Virtuous Among Us )


Who helps Eames with the initial escape? Ann, or Michelle? Or do you want him to just, like, start ripping down the walls like a madman and go on a rampage (with Michelle somehow in his wake?) I'm toying with the idea of having Ann be like, "Holy crap, is Arthur really freezing out there? Eames you need to go save him" or of Michelle somehow helping him get free.


I only know where Eames is going to end up. Thanks to [ profile] neomeruru ^_^

Thanks guys, and I'm so sorry for the delay! :D AGAIN.

Chapter 11 - The Sky Above Us Shoots To Kill
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2011-03-27 12:12 am

Not an update, but an update on updates ^_^

Hey all!

Just to let you know I might be a day or two off schedule this week. But I will start work on 10 tomorrow, with everyone's suggestions. :D Hopefully it won't take me too long.

But I also found these cool pics and, look you guys, I LOVE ARTHUR HERE.

Also I love that he talks with his hands open like that all "Calm down, Cobb and quit yelling at me like a crazy person." Bonus points for Ariadne in the background going "wtf?"

Well, will start writing tomorrow, thank you all for your patience, and I'm very sorry for the delay! ^_^
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2011-03-24 04:45 pm

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 9

These are older suggestions, some of them even from the beginning! But eventually I will get to them. )

Here are some new suggestions. )

This chapter is a little shorter than the last. I debated putting in another part and posting it later, but that would be kinda mean (although, this one sort of is too,) and the chapter just naturally ended here. :)

Here we are!

** ** ** **
9 - Might Rain Fire... )

Whew, that was pretty rough. I don't know what's going on here.

Okay, so now that I have an idea of how to get Arthur off the train and a way to use some of those suggestions up there, my main question to you guys is, what would you like to see happen between them? Most of you voted for "FIX THEM" so I will go by popular vote. I've gotten one really solid suggestion as to how that can begin.

Anything else you've got in mind?

Oh, here's another interesting question for you. Which two body parts would you like to see come in contact? LOL if you try to make it filthy, I will probably try to find a way to make it funny instead. If you give me something random, I might try to make it dirty. Heh. I have no idea. With something like this, I've got to take only one, maybe two suggestions or it will become ridiculous. :D So, Arthur's --- to Eames's ---? Or vise versa? Throw me some body parts, people. ^_^

Okay, that was a weird question.

Sorry this update was so brief and angsty. I actually felt very sad when I was writing about the chocolates. But then I have issues.

What do you guys think? Should I throw Arthur out into the blizzard and get Eames locked up and tortured or what?

Again I want to thank you all, so much! ^_^

10 - The Virtuous Among Us
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2011-03-21 08:17 pm

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 8

WHEW, this chapter was hard! I'm trying to incorporate all of the ideas that I got, and I wanted to streamline it as best I could. I hope it worked out. Just to remind you, this is what you all suggested for the plot/motivations:

What's going on! This is long, okay. :)  )

So, let's see how this works out in actual plot. I tried to get all of those ideas in. Granted, some of them are just concurring with others, which is great; it makes it easier for me! ^_^ I love that so many of you agree on the basic "who did what to whom" ideas.

The rest, I really tried to fit in there and I can only hope that I haven't turned it into a clustermug. I hope it actually fits, is what I'm saying. Please let me know!

Read more... )

Older suggestions that I WILL STILL GET TO. )

Right, so there we have this updates suggestions! I really hope I managed to get everyone's thoughts in here. And I hope I've made it into something coherent. Please let me know. :)

Off we go!

...Don't Let Him Get Control... )

Did that all work out? Can anything further be added?

Okay, so I think I know what comes next. Arthur and Eames have to spend some time together and I'm pretty certain of how that's going to play out. I think it's going to go exactly as Jack wants it to.

Now, I've got to get: Arthur outside of the train in the Siberian wasteland with his hat on, and Eames in the clutches of the bad guys again - likely Ann, and the two brothers, because Jack's probably not wanting to hurt him, right?

More suggestions, you guys? I am still open to taking them, even though the plot is leaving less wiggle-room now. :D

If you've made suggestions and I haven't used any of yours, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'll keep trying!

9 - Might Rain Fire
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2011-03-17 03:38 pm

Plenty Of Good Thieves - 7

These are suggestions that are either brand new, or that made it into this chapter:  )

Older suggestions that I WILL STILL GET TO. )

So! Let's see how this goes. On to chapter seven!

** ** ** **

Don't let him catch you... )

That's it for chapter seven!

And here here are some plotty-plot ideas that are coming my way. You guys, pick which one you think would work the best! OR. Maybe I can get my crap together and use most, or at least all of them! )

What do you guys think? Could that be interesting?

Also, what else would you like to see if we go that route?

You lot overwhelmingly really want to see Eames get destroyed and actually rescue himself instead of having Arthur get destroyed and rescuing Eames. :D So if you think that Eames is getting off light so far? Wait. ^_^

8 - Don't Let Him Get Control...